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Universal electrical transporters

Our universal electrical transporters are the perfect choice for modern agricultural professionals who need a reliable, environmentally friendly and versatile transport solution. From the tiltable cargo bed to powerful electric motors, the three different models will impress you and help you to get your work done more efficiently and with greater ease.

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 Universal electrical transporters

Universal equipment carriers

Our universal equipment carriers are true all-rounders for every farmer. With their versatility and their ability to attach all our tools, working in the field becomes a breeze. Available in different sizes and variations they are suitable for row widths of 1.2-5m and a wide range of applications - from soil and understock cultivation to mid-row soil loosening and embankment maintenance.

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 Universal equipment carriers


Our attachments are divided into different categories and can be easily attached to equipment carriers and universal transporters. Due to their easy interchangeability, they enable a versatile use of the basic machines, which means that our machines offer an optimal cost-benefit ratio for the end customer.

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Founded in Stava by Erich Plack and construction of a new production facility


The foundation of our current GTP was set

The first version of our current GTP was developed and also already distributed internationally


Development of our PRT400

Our first electrical transporter was developed, at that time still equipped with four wheels. This development also formed the foundation for today's PRT400R


Expansion of the production hall

Through a remodeling of the production hall, the production area was tripled and at the same time the original production hall was modernized


Generational change

Take-over of the company by Benjamin Plack, son of Erich Plack

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